20 March 2010


the cold season is upon us. (shouldn't it be over by now?) the changes in seasons always seem to bring sniffles, coughs and sore throats. i caught a bug last week that wasn't exactly charming. pepperminty ricolas, fizzy coke zeros and calming green tea were my drugs of choice. and smoothies. mmm. smoothies. since i recently discovered i'm lactose intolerant, i've ditched the icky cow milk for non-dairy milks. first try was rice milk. a generic brand and also rice dream. both were OK, but chalky. then, lured by the all-american push for protein, i tried the ever-applauded silk brand soy milk--the one that's supposed to taste the best. i took a sip and dumped the rest down the drain. enter almond breeze. mmm. almonds. confident i'm already getting enough protein in my diet, [edit 11.11.10 i no longer agree with 'the china study' or any other vegan agenda. but i still love my almond milk! it's either almond milk or heavy cream for me. mmm.] the taste won me over. i prefer it to cow milk now. it substitutes wonderfully in recipes, foams in lattes and--yah i sound like a commercial so i'm going to stop. anyway, i use it in smoothies. for my sore throat, i blended one banana, two handfuls of frozen blueberries and perhaps 1/4-1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze. soothed and smoothed. then the sun came out. and it was even better. come on, spring!

01 March 2010

'coco avant chanel.'

i don't know much french. i took a crash course in how to say do-you-speak-english before we went to europe two septembers ago. how embarrassing. though a woman in the metro spoke to me in french. i wish i knew what she said.

i am something of a word nerd. i get really excited when people use words like interim in regular conversation (twice!) without meaning to sound like a smarty pants. hence my goofy grin when watching 'coco' with subtitles (you have to, unless you know french) when i see 'chic' translated directly as 'chic' and learn 'chauffeur' means 'driver.' ha. i knew it meant driver. but i thought it meant a special kind of driver.

and then there were the few (four?) english words spoken by one character. i always wonder what english sounds like to nonspeakers. american-english-speakers all have their parodies of other languages. what does an english parody sound like? but those few english words, thrown amidst all that french, became pared down to their sounds—and they actually sounded kind of pretty. but it coulda been the great britain twang. ha.

'coco before chanel' was a beautiful movie. the costumes.* the shots.** the story.*** it lived up to its hype in my mind, as opposed to moon, another movie (yes, of a very different subject) that was crazy hyped in my head. but sizzled out.

*first photo for this post. says. it. all. mmm.

**mirror scene. (mirror scene!) at the end. (mirror scene!) go to here and scroll down to the last clip to see it. also, as coco cuts one of her earlier outfits in the chateau (which means 'castle!' i always thought it meant hotel. ha.) from fabric, there is something (something!) about her hand, the chalk and the fabric. another scene, i can't remember where/when, but i saw colors and i was like (!!!). guess i'll just have to watch it again. good thing, 'cause mary (who just wrote an article that got posted here) is going to be ticked when she learns i watched this without her ;].

***i'd like to learn more about coco. i love her push-the-boundaries, free-the-woman's-body, simplify-the-excessive-adornments, dress-however-she-cares outlook. ha—dare i admit this? i always thought she was a he. until a few years ago. um. maybe when i started watching antm? ha. two daring admissions. a closet antm fan. anyone have a good biography to recommend?

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